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"The safety and security of my financial resources are very important to me - First American State Bank provides that."

Fred Vierra

"Best of Class Service. It's what I provide to my clients and I get from my bank."

Edie Marks, Kentwood Company

"First American State Bank approaches their customers the same way we approach our causes, with dedication and devotion."

Bob and Judi Newman

"Choosing the right bank makes a considerable difference in the entire 1031 experience. Our transactions typically involve significant investor deposits. First American State Bank goes the extra mile to ensure our clients’ transactions will be timely and accurate. The bank’s employees are always knowledgeable, friendly and professional."

Christopher Sayre, co-founder and vice-president of

"Our company prides itself on a caring attitude and friendly service. Our style is to have real dialogue about real issues.  First American State Bank’s service is parallel to our customer service approach in every way.  Each member of the bank knows you by name. They return your phone calls promptly. They are deal-makers who are easy to deal with."

Dan Predovich, CPA, CFE, and owner of Predovich & Company.

"In need of banking advice, I initially called First American State Bank on the recommendation of a friend, I was surprised right away when there was no long menu of prompts.  Instead, I immediately reached a person who was interested in me as a customer, easy to talk to and listened to what I needed."                                                   

Dr. Andre Reed, Medical Director for the Center for Voice and Swallowing Services